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#13 - Taking a mini break by yourself

Aside from taking that time to connect with your partner and even taking a vacation with your friends, it’s also important to have some quality time to yourself. I reside somewhere in the middle between introversion and extroversion. So it’s important and necessary for me to have time alone to recharge my batteries. Which is why I booked myself for two nights at Deerhurst Resort, just two hours north of Toronto. I asked for a room with the lake view (staring into the abyss of a frozen lake can be incredibly soothing). I unpacked my bag, moved the lounge chair in front of the balcony window and began writing. I crawled in bed to read my latest, Swap Club 2, watched the last remaining episodes of The West Wing, and ventured into the pub for a meal before returning back to my room for a good night’s sleep. The days were filled with reading, writing, staring at the lake, delicious pub food, and a walk along the resort road. The nights were pretty much the same, with the exception of an amazing ten-piece blue grass band who came to Deerhurst to shake things up. So I made my way up to the main lodge to take in the incredible talent on stage and watch the sixty-somethings groove just off stage. I checked everything off my vacation list, which also included eating chips, Cheesies and chocolate in bed. Oh, and a massage on the last day. So if you have the chance, take a mini holiday by yourself, because taking some time to breathe and recharging your batteries CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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