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#165 Sharing the tough times

Sisters are the best. When you are close enough that you are friends, you choose to go out for dinner together on a Saturday night, hit up the clubs in your twenties, drink until you puke, and talk about boys. They are there for the good times and the bad. It’s designed that way. Maybe it’s to build resiliency or to learn how to appreciate the good stuff. I don’t’ know. But I do know that the bad times will eventually come in between the good times. And when the crap hits hard, it can feel worse by keeping it all to yourself. You’re not only dealing with the crisis, but you’re dealing with it alone, which can add to the strain. Sometimes we think we can deal with it on our own. Other times we feel weak or ashamed to talk about it with other. And at other times, we may feel that talking about it will make it more painful. But as a therapist for more than a decade, here’s what I know. When we share it with others, the pain doesn’t necessarily go away, but it does become easier, more manageable. There is a weight that is lifted; that we don’t have to carry this beast all alone. There is power in groups. We are stronger together. We heal together. So when you can turn to your sister and share your beasts, relieving just a little bit of the struggle, knowing that she is now carrying a piece of that with you, you can breathe a little easier. And THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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