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#173 Discovering the silent button on your laptop

When the day is finally done, and you’ve brushed your teeth, all you want to do is crawl in bed to watch your favourite show. Sometimes it’s the same show as your partner (This Is Us, Silicon Valley, Casual, Sense8). But once you’ve binge-watched all the episodes and you’ve got another year to wait for the next season, the personal preferences begin to deviate from one another. He wants to watch sci-fi, and you want to watch old episodes of The O.C. and Friends. There is a lot of clicking of your laptop to get to the episode of your choice, which can be very annoying to your partner who is already drifting off to sleep. At times it can be difficult to fall asleep. So when you think you’ve finally arrived and suddenly hear clicking noises from the electronic device beside you, you are less than thrilled. But then your partner shows you how to turn on the silent feature to your computer so that you make zero noise. You don't wake him up with all your clicking. And therefore he doesn't smother you with a pillow during your sleep. THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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