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#188 The Olive Garden

Do you remember The Olive Garden? Those delicious, warm garlic bread sticks that you could eat forever. Or that large bowl of salad that you would be happy to eat without ordering any actual meal? Yep. You read that right. Salad. There is something magical about the Olive Garden salad, though I’m guessing it’s the salad dressing. When I was a teenager, my girlfriends and I use to order one main Italian dish just so we could have an endless supply of the salad and garlic bread sticks. It was pure joy. But then, one dark and stormy night, the restaurants began to disappear one by one. The shock! The horror! No other restaurant would ever come close, despite your best efforts to find a match. After many years, you finally lost hope and surrendered to the reality of your situation. You carried on with life, because really, what other choice did you have? A couple decades pass, and one day you find yourself at Costco, searching for the BBQ sauce to marinade your chicken, when all of a sudden, your eyes fall upon a large bottle of salad dressing with the label, ‘The Olive Garden’ Italian dressing. You blink a few times because you can’t believe your eyes. But it’s true. The famous salad dressing is for sale at Costco, and it’s all yours! So buy a few bottles, because goodness knows, you’ll be flying through those bad boys. Rediscovering Olive Garden’s famous Italian dressing CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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