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#198 Protein Boxes

Lunch can get expensive throughout the week, ranging anywhere from $10 and up, depending on whether you’re getting a Subway sandwich or having a sit-down meal. It’s easy to spend $100 a week on lunches if you’re not careful. I was trying to find the cheapest meal I could when I fell upon the protein boxes at Starbucks. Each package contained a hard-boiled egg, one piece of raisin bread, a package of peanut butter, a few grapes and a few slices of apples. It was quick, on the lesser expensive side, and healthy. But I discovered a couple things that first day. I discovered that a) small portions of food are much easier to eat mentally. Give me an entire apple versus chopped up small pieces, and I’ll definitely be more inclined to eat the latter. The second discovery was that I could easily make this at home, and probably do a better job, which is exactly what I did. I bought myself an ‘adult’ lunch box, and filled each of five compartments with a bit of everything. A few pieces of chicken, sliced-up peppers, three carrots, four crackers, one piece of cheese, and hand-full of cut-up strawberries and blueberries. And of course, a couple pieces of chocolate in the centre because I damn well deserve it after eating all that healthy-portioned food! Not only is the lunch visually appealing, which makes it more appetizing. It cost you next to nothing. So go out there and find yourself an ‘adult’ lunch box because making your own protein box CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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