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#213 A lucky turn of events

The other day I was walking towards the subway on a cold and rainy day, knowing that I had another twenty minute walk home once I got off at my stop. Though I had surrendered to my fate, I would’ve preferred to be driving home in a warm, dry car. At the end of the day, I was already at the subway and had reached into my purse to take out a twenty to buy tokens for the ride. As if in slow motion, I reached up to insert my bill when my cell phone began to ring. I put the twenty in my pocket to answer the phone and speak to my sister, who I learned was also on her way home from a long work day. When I asked where exactly she was, I quickly discovered she was about five minutes away from me, heading in the same direction. I told her I would stand on the corner and see her in a few. Not only did I hitch a ride and avoid having to take the subway and walk home in the cold rain, I was able to spend some quality time with my big sis. And THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!

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