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#216 Dropping the kids off at the camp bus, for the entire summer!

Summer camp is amazing for kids. No doubt about it. You get to spend the entire summer with your friends water skiing, sailing, windsurfing, camping, singing in plays, participating in camp-wide colour war, sneaking out of your cabin and over to the boys section, making s’mores by the fire, getting dressed up for dances, eating mass quantities of junk food your parents brought up on visitors day and then puking three hours later, experiencing your first kiss, experiencing other ‘firsts’, having slumber parties with your friends every night. AAAAAAAND, no parents for two months! Woo hoo! posted

Guess what kids? Us parents feel the exact same way. NO KIDS FOR TWO MONTHS! We get to sleep-in on weekends, go out late with friends and drink to our hearts content, have sex in every room of the house, have jam parties at our house without having to worry that we’re exposing the kids to some inappropriate behaviour. We don’t have to drive carpool, make play dates, make breakfast, lunch or dinner for anyone but ourselves. We don’t have to make sure anyone is wiping properly, blowing their nose, eating enough vegetables, doing their homework, or changing their underwear. You see kids, while we love you beyond imagination, we work very hard to keep you alive, safe, and happy. And we need a break! So when you get on that bus for the summer, and we’re waving goodbye, know that we’ll miss you very much. But we’re also kicking our heels up for some much-needed rest and relaxation; to regain ourselves as adults, to have a life, to listen to live music, and to spend some quality time with our partner. DROPPING THE KIDS OFF AT THE CAMP BUS FOR THE ENTIRE SUMMER CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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