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#232 Learning to play the ukulele

LEARNING TO PLAY THE UKULELE - Learning to play an instrument is no small task. When you’re a kid, learning new skills is part of the gig. Once you’re an adult, it’s slightly more challenging to completely pick up on a new skill. But you want it. And you want it bad. A regular guitar is six strings and there are so many chords to play. They tell you it’s hard work. They tell you that you’ll need to practice every day to learn and get better. Your fingers will hurt and become calloused. Not so encouraging, is it? This is where the Ukulele comes in to save the day. It only has four strings, and it’s so small, which means that your fingers can easily fit across the frets. Of course you’ll still need to practice in order to improve and your fingers will get calloused, as with a guitar. But it’s a great introduction into a string instrument that will allow you to play many of your favourite songs. Can you feel that sense of accomplishment? Can you feel the dopamine surging through your veins? So go ahead and get yourself a Ukulele, because finding an instrument that you love to play CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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