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#273 Having team members to tag you out

Traditionally, divorce is perceived as a bad thing. There are many challenging moments for the parents and kids. However, if the parents put the interest and wellbeing of the kids first, it can be a wonderful team effort. You have to work at it, which requires a lot of compassion, patience, respect and humility. But it’s worth it. Case in point. Yesterday, we took the kids skiing up north, during which we were together with my kids’ wonderful mother and her parents, brothers, and significant others. Is it uncomfortable at moments? Sure. But we recognize it, and know that it’s great for all of us to be together for the kids. They are a beautiful family, who all take part in supporting these two amazing kids. So when my husband was battling with the flu for over a week, and I hadn’t been sleeping due to third trimester shenanigans, the kids mother gladly took the kids for the evening and the following day so that we could get a good night’s rest and take a time out. Children are incredibly little creatures that require a lot of time, energy and patience. So when you have other team members who can tag you out to give you that break you so desperately need - THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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