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#289 First night on the town without the baby

You’ve paid your dues. And then some. You’ve done the day feeds, night feeds, explosive diapers, bath duty, book duty. You’ve played with every single toy you could find, and sang every baby song you can remember from your childhood. You’ve lost sleep you will never get back, had vomit in your hair, pee in your lap. On top of it, you’ve kept the laundry going, the dishes washed, the dishwasher emptied, and taken care of the other kids. You deserve a medal. A trip to the Bahamas. Anything you want really. But let’s start with a much-needed night out. Here are the steps for your first night out without the baby:

1. Ask the babysitter to come an hour before you need to leave because this will give you time to power nap for twenty minutes and then enough time to take a long shower and get ready at your leisure, which you deserve.

2. Pour yourself your favourite alcoholic beverage (if you can), and enjoy the warmth running through your body as you start to relax while getting ready.

3. If you want to ease your way into a night out, you can start by going to a movie with your partner, where you can relax and enjoy each other’s company while being entertained with popcorn, candy, chocolate and drinks. Just make sure to choose the theatre that has those recliner seats so you can fully relax and bask in all your baby-free glory.


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