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#290 When your baby's first big flu turns a corner for the better

When you have a baby, it’s as if you’re getting two gifts: 1. Your little bundle of joy, and 2. Anxiety. It seems as though the doctor hands you your baby and says, “Congratulations mama. You now have a little tiny miracle. And anxiety.” Now that you have a baby, you are in a constant state of worry. It may be a mild state, mind you. You may even manage to turn that volume down to a one at times. But make no mistake that it will always be there. This worry will manifest itself in the form of checking your baby’s breathing at night, feeling her chest to make sure it’s moving up and down, listening to her monitor on your phone when you’re not at home, hovering over the nanny or your other children to ensure no harm comes to her. It can be a lot. So when she gets the flu for the first time, your worry is at an all-time high. She’s not taking her bottle, she’s throwing up constantly, is tired, sad and only wants to sleep on you. You know she’s struggling, which breaks your heart. So you let her sleep on you, take her to the doctor, give her smaller amounts of formula more frequently, and give her as much love as you possibly can. After a few torturous days, she starts to keep down her formula, seems to want more, and begins to return to her normal, happy self. She has turned the corner, returning to health, and THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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