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#45 When your husband grocery shops

I am very organized and methodical about grocery food shopping. We pretty much eat the same stuff each week (not very exciting or adventurous I recognize). So it makes food shopping quite simple and quick. I stick to the outer layers of the store (as instructed by every nutritionist everywhere) collect my fruits, vegetables, and meats before heading to the other side for all my dairy needs (milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream). I could probably set my watch when I arrive and clock out thirty minutes later when I pull up at the check-out counter. I’ve got it down to a system, and am quite pleased about that.

However, when my husband does the grocery food shop, he will always arrive with countless more bags than me, and with new and exciting products. This is not a man who colours inside the lines. And when he pops out to grab some milk and eggs because we’ve run out, you bet he’ll come back with at least four bags full of who knows what. It’s a mystery and a little excessive. But every so often he’ll come back from a shop, unload the groceries, and hand me something like a frozen pina colada mix or Cookie Crisp cereal. And that CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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