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#65 Hitting the town with your sister

HITTING THE TOWN WITH YOUR BIG SISTER - Once you and your sister return from university, everything changes again. You’re back living in the same house (thank god because you thought you were going to very soon keep your parents captive in the basement. But now you are kind of like strangers because you are both now adults and life has changed for both of you in significant ways. You have both finished university, she has started graduate school, and both of you have lost your virginity (not that that really changed anything). You’re adults now, and in a way, are getting to know each other for the first time. And here’s what you find out from spending a little quality time together. She’s super cool! I mean, probably the coolest person you’ve ever met. You learn that she’s the nicest human being, she’s super smart, she likes to have a good time with the girls, and likes to travel just as much as you. You discover that you share the same values of compassion, respect, forgiveness, patience and humility. You are kindred spirits. In some weird way, it feels like she’s your twin. When she’s killing it at work, you feel totally high. And when a guy breaks her heart, you feel it from time zones away before she’s even told you. It’s weird and amazing.

One of the best parts is hitting the town on Friday nights. Only two years apart, you’re in the same phase of life, which means pre-drinking and hitting up the clubs. So why not go together? You already enjoy each others company. So why not dance it out together? She welcomes you into her new group of friends, who rotate houses for the pre-drinking part of the program; the best portion of the evening if you ask me. This is where the real bonding happens. Everyone brings their choice of alcohol and munchies to mask the disgusting taste of the hard alcohol. You all get a little silly before the giggles break out and the dancing begins in the living room. After nearly two hours of serious bonding , you head out to the club for the next phase of the evening.

You may puke upon arrival at the club but you’re getting to drink for free because you dance on the bar afterwards, and you’re doing it all with your sister. And THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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