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#67 Travelling with your sister

THAILAND ADVENTURES - If given the opportunity, travel with your sister; unless of course you can’t stand each other, and never wish to see each other again. You need to be careful with whom you go travelling because you are with each other day in and day out. If it doesn’t work out, you won’t speak to each other for a very long time. However, if you do like each other and share the same vision for travelling, which is key, then pack your backpack and book your ticket. Discuss your visions prior to booking your trip. If she wants to book every minute with activity, while you’d prefer to lay on the beach all day and eat pineapple off a stick, you’re probably in trouble. If she wants to stick together every single waking moment, and you need some quality ‘alone’ time, you’re in trouble and will most likely kill each other. However, if you can communicate your wishes for the trip openly, and come to some agreed upon understanding and compromise, you are good to go. Go get your necessary shots, buy your sunscreen, and make sure your passport is valid. Just don’t forget to pack an extra bedsheet, which you will use at every hostel you stay at. Do NOT trust their bedding. I repeat, do NOT trust their bedding. That said, when my sister met me at the hostel in Thailand, I had already lost my bedsheet and we were forced to both fit inside hers for the night. Just to be clear, a bedsheet is the size of a single sleeping bag. It is made for one person. Not two. But we had no choice. So we squeezed in one at a time, spooning together because that was the only way both of us were going to fit. We made it through the night successfully. Or so I thought. When I awoke in the morning and we both crawled out of the sleeping sheet, I found myself completely covered in bed bugs. My sister, on the other hand, was completely clear. WTF?! How could that possibly happen? The good news is that I survived and healed up nicely in a few days. So here are my tips for travelling with your sister in Thailand:

1. Discuss your vision for the trip before booking your ticket and getting your shots

2. Buy one bedsheet per person. But if you have to share one night, it’s okay because it makes for a great story and an even better memory.

3. Try the Pad Thai sold on the street. You might be scared, but if you get the vegetarian kind, you should be totally fine. Sit on the side of the road and enjoy.

4. Have BBQ’d street corn once a day. Corn doesn’t digest well, so it will come straight through anyway in forty-eight hours. It’s a staple part of the trip. Trust me. You’ll be happy.

5. Have a fresh mango shake every morning for breakfast while sitting on your patio watching the ocean.

6. Make sure to hit the beach during sunset. And take pictures. Take lots of pictures because travelling with your sister to Thailand CHANGES EVERYTHING! *


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