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#72 Taking Out Bobby Pins

TAKING OUT BOBBY PINS – I admit, I am a lazy person when it comes to getting myself all dolled up for an evening out on the town. I consider tinted moisturizer make-up and manage to convince myself that my hair actually looks best when it’s up, which allows me to conveniently throw it up in ten seconds with an elastic after a shower. How many people can say that they do their hair in ten seconds or less? However, sometimes you actually want your hair done properly. So off I go to my favourite salon in Toronto called LeDrew Costello, which is a salon of the most talented and kind people who’ve every touched my hair. It doesn’t matter which stylist you go to here because each one is so creative and patient when listening to your vision . And they all are determined for you to leave happy and gorgeous. So, if you’re on the market for a new salon, trust me, they are the best!

So on one particular Saturday afternoon, I ventured to the salon with a picture in hand of what look I wanted for the evening. Usually I bring in a picture of Kate Hudson, Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie, or Blake Lively – my style icons. But today I brought in a picture I had found on Pinterest. The girl in the picture had managed to create the most perfect Messy Summer Bun that included a braid on the side. I wanted it. I wanted it bad.

So that’s exactly what I got. Thirty minutes in total. I saw the stylist, Natasha, putting in the bobby pins, but I stopped counting after ten. I thought it was in my best interest to not know the exact number out of fear that I might bail on the look altogether. So I sat quietly in the chair while she made magic with my short hair and extensions. And it was magic. She had accomplished the exact look I wanted, and it looked amazing. I was a new woman. Until about an hour later when I began to feel that someone was jabbing me with a hundred sharp needles into my head. And my event was more than three hours away. Then I would have to make it through another four hour evening. I quickly considered pulling everything out but I told myself that I paid for it, took the time to have it done, and I was damn well going to push through. My hair looked gorgeous and I wasn’t about to let a little tortuous pain get in my way.

By the time I got home I felt my eyes begin to roll in the back of my head. My husband offered to take the pins out for me, but I knew it was best for him to stay away. Stay very far away. He slowly backed away in to the bedroom, closed the door, and locked it shut. I crawled on all fours to the bathroom and began to take the pins out one at a time. With each pin I removed, I felt the pressure release from my brain and the veins in my forehead begin to disappear. It was sweet and utter bliss. After removing approximately thirty pins, I felt myself returning to some form of normalcy; actually, it felt more like ecstasy.

So go get your hair done. Go get gorgeous. And hang in there because taking those pins out at the end of the night CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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