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#85 The crunch of fall leaves

THE CRUNCH OF FALL LEAVES – When you live in Canada, you experience four distinct seasons. Many people are not a fan of winter. But winter is also a time to curl up under a blanket with a movie and popcorn while the freezing cold remains tucked safely out your window. It’s glorious to look outside your window after a full snowfall and see each branch of your tree covered in a thin layer of snow. The trick here is to stay inside if you can. There is hot chocolate with marshmallows, and if you’re lucky enough, there is a warm fireplace. Some people are brave enough to venture the outdoors and ski, but I’m more of a toboggan gal myself. Winter is also a time to start planting the seeds of a new project if you are hiding out indoors for the entire season. So start writing that book or developing a new business plan, and watch it bloom with the flowers in spring.

Summer of course is great. While it may be hot on some days, that’s what pools and lakes were made for. You’ve got summer BBQ’s, cottage time, camping, and sitting around the camp fire roasting your marshmallows for the perfect s’more. I do love summer.

That said, fall is when the real magic happens. It’s when the nights get a little cooler, forcing you to throw on a thin cardigan or sweatshirt. The days force you to replace your summer wardrobe with jeans, long sleeves and darker coloured tops that are more flattering for your skin tone. But most importantly, the leaves change colour. We’re talking vibrant bursts of red, orange and yellow leaves surround you as you walk through the park. And as you do, you feel the first satisfying crunch of the fallen leaf beneath your foot. The seal has now been broken, suddenly turning you into a seven-year-old whose only mission is to step on as many leaves as possible. So step and crunch as the joy permeates your entire body. CRUNCH AWAY MY FRIENDS!


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