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#220 When your husband nails your fortieth birthday present

When your husband makes a video for your favourite artist you’re about to see in Nashville. I think I mentioned this before. But in case I haven’t, my favourite artist is Brandi Carlile. She has created a unique blend of country, folk and rock that is unparalleled. You know those artists whose album you love the entire way though? I won’t mention names here. But there are just some artists, who, despite being incredibly talented, write songs that very much sound like one another. As soon as a song comes on, you know exactly who it is because it sounds like the others. Brandi is not one of those. She can rock out on her guitar, play a beautiful ballad on the piano, and harmonize with the twins on a country song. And you love each song just the same. Well, I do. She is quite simply unlike anyone else. I found my own singing voice when I heard hers over a decade ago. I introduced my husband and stepchildren to her over four years ago, and we all began to sing her tunes together. I have a video of my two year old singing her famous, ‘The Story’ while sitting in the bathroom. Of course she gets a little help from her father. But make no mistake, she’s in it to win it. When my husband proposed to me in the house we had just purchased, he had organized all of our friends to hide in various rooms around the house and then slowly come out to the living room while singing, ‘The Story’. It was a beautiful moment with family and friends, captured on film. When we got married, I walked down the aisle to ‘The Story’. Brandi Carlile has been a part of our story right from the beginning. And so for my fortieth birthday present, my husband got us tickets to see her in Birmingham, Alabama, Nashville, Tennessee, and Georgia. But wait, the fun didn’t stop there. He also secretly bought VIP tickets for a ‘meet and greet’ with the band after sound check. I’M GOING TO MEET BRANDI!!! To tell her just how much she has influenced our family, my husband created a video of our 2-year-old daughter singing her song, our friends singing during the proposal, and a short video of our wedding to her song. Not only am I going to see my favourite artist in the entire universe, but I also have the best husband in the world. Doesn’t that CHANGE EVERYTHING?!


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