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Gratitude Challenge Rules

Remember to breathe


Pause and observe


Allow your inner child to merge with your outer adult


Find the beauty or opportunity in all the small wonders around you



  • What is the gratitude challenge?
    You may have heard that happiness is a choice. Sounds easy right? Of course not. While this is very true, it can also seem over simplified and even daunting. In truth, happiness is a series of choices and are best tackled one by one. Forget the big scary idea that you can turn on or off happiness in all aspects of your life simply by willing it into being. That is sort of like knowing that you can climb Mt Everest if you put your mind to it. You most certainly can but you can't do it in one big step. It takes many small steps, small goals, small choices and perhaps simpliest of all, appreciating small wonders. The gratitude challenge is just that. Challenging yourself to first be open to see the small wonders all around you and then to appreciate how they really can change everything.
  • Sometimes it feels like there are no wonders in my life, only pain and hardship."
    Sometimes it really can feel that way...for everyone at times. Small wonders that change everything aren't just the obviously positive things in our lives. In fact, sometimes, the small wonder can be the lesson we learned or the strength we gained from a hardship or even just a minor inconvenience. Snowy day has cancelled your plans with friends but allowed you to finally watch that movie you have not had time to see. You make some popcorn, get your coziest blanket and settle in to your favourite spot on your couch. Small wonders live everywhere and everyday. The challenge is to open up your mind and heart to find them and appreciate them.
  • I love all of the small wonders you have written about and would like to share mine with you. Can I and how do I do that?
    Yes! Most certainly! In fact, you can share it with me and if you like, I can share it on my site with all of our readers too! Shhhhh...don't tell anyone...but by sharing yours with us and our readers, you are becoming someone else's wonder that can change everything!
  • How do you find all of these things that change everything?
    Great question! Scroll up and read the challenge rules. That's really all there is too it. That's what I do and I know you can too. As a practicing registered psychotherapist as well as a wellness consultant, I can tell you from experience that anyone can rock this challenge. I have seen it in my private practice clients as well as my corporate workshop clients and audience members at my speaking engagements. Everyone can do it. Just give the steps a chance, honestly and earnestly. Open yourself up to all the wonders around you everyday that truly can change everything.
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