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#338 The Pink Shell, Fort Myers Beach

Okay, where to start here? Firstly, you really feel like you're in a small beach town, which is awesome. You feel safe enough to walk around the streets and stop to talk to your fellow vacationers who tell you about the amazing meal they just had. The view from your hotel room is just breath taking, as you can see from the photo. And there's a small kitchenette in case you feel like cooking and staying in for the night. Of course they make your bed every day, which is nice. But they also supply you with an assortment of soaps and shampoos that smell like a peachy orange, and make you want to bathe in it forever. There is a flag next to your chair on the beach that you can raise for service, where food and beverage are brought right to your beautiful spot on the beach. It gets a bit windy by the water, so careful your burger or pina colada doesn't blow away. But it's totally worth it. The food is unreal. Everything I ate there was delicious, including the vegan bean burger. Seriously! They also offer free paddle boarding and kayaking, and you can rent bikes directly across the street for a morning ride. There is no shortage of activities for kids, though, if you can, leave yours at home as we did. Because taking a little time out with your loved one under the warm sun


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