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10 - Peanut Butter Dumplings

There is a restaurant called L’Orchidee de Chine in Montreal, Quebec, where I spent three years working towards an undergraduate of psychology. After countless evenings of Kraft dinner, pizza, and grilled cheese, I couldn’t take it any longer; and neither could the waist of my jeans. The ‘freshman fifteen’ was teetering around the freshman twenty. I had been forced out of my jeans and into sweatpants, leggings, and overalls, which are still totally cool if you ask me. Regardless, I was ready for a meal that didn’t include powdered cheese or didn’t have a hit jingle attached to its brand. My roommates and I ventured into the streets and ten minutes later, found ourselves at L’Orchidee de Chine. I knew it was a fancy-schamncy place because it had dark lighting inside, the tables were covered in flawless white linen, and the woman who greeted us at the door gave me a once-over (which included my running shoes) before her nose twitched. However, there were empty tables, so she sat us anyway. After perusing the menu for a few minutes, scouring all the delicious options, my roommate introduced the peanut butter dumpling. I trusted her, and figured, how could it possibly be bad? It was a dumpling covered in warm, oozing peanut sauce. I mean, seriously. When the dish finally arrived, I thought I had died and gone to peanut sauce heaven. Words cannot describe the taste as that warm, gooey, creamy, peanut butter sauce hits your tongue along with the dumpling. Just don’t literally pick up the plate and lick the remaining sauce. It’s a classy joint and you don’t want to risk being tossed out. You’ll want to come back. Every. Single. Day.



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