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#101 Magic Pixie Laundry Fairy

MAGIC PIXIE LAUNDRY FAIRY – Once upon a time, in a far away land, lived a beautiful magic pixie laundry fairy. All through the day she would quietly move through the bedrooms of the home and pick up dirty clothes off the floor. She had magical powers to make herself invisible so that no one would see her come in and out of the room. She also had the super power of speed so that even if a child felt a presence (they are very intuitive little beings), she would be out of the room before the child/husband had any idea what was happening. After collecting all the dirty clothes, she would then go into her secret cave that no one else knew about called, ‘The Laundry Room’. The husband and children passed by of course, usually on their way to the recreation room to play video games. But the room seemed to have an invisible cloak around it, as no other human living in the room ever went near it. It was hers, and hers alone. Once alone in her cave, magic things would happen. I cannot tell you what they are because you need to be the ‘chosen’ one. But when it’s all said and done, the magic pixie laundry fairy folds every article of fresh clothing like an employee who’s worked at The Gap for twenty-five years, and quietly sneaks back into each room to put the clothes back in their proper drawer. Once again, she stealthily sneaks out of each room without notice, mission accomplished.

Years earlier when she was in The Magic Pixie school, she was given the choice based on her skills to either join the CIA or become a Magic Pixie Laundry Fairy (MPLF). Thankfully, she chose the latter because having a Magic Pixie Laundry Fairly truly CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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