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#104 Waking up after a major snowfall

WAKING UP AFTER A MAJOR SNOWFALL – In Toronto, winter can be pretty annoying at times. You’ve got to wear a big-ass puffy coat that covers your head to your toes for about four months of every year. Shockingly, I happen to love my coat for that exact reason. It has a thick collar that, when you flip upwards, covers your ears and nose which is another layer on top of your hat and scarf. I don’t let winter take me down. Hells no! I make winter my cabana boy! Sure it gets a little sweaty underneath all the layers after my twenty-minute journey to the subway. But I’m not freezing cold, and that’s all I care about. Some other annoying features about winter include: ice on the road that gives you a slight heart attack every time you slip just a little, the gross slush mix or dirt and snow, and being trapped indoors for four months out of every year when you’d rather be swimming, playing baseball, hanging from the monkey bars at the playground, or riding your bike to the park. However, there is one aspect of winter that is absolutely amazing, and that is waking up in the morning after a major snowfall.

When you finally open your eyes after a Saturday morning sleep-in, you know immediately that the sun is shining and the sky is a clear blue. You slowly slide your feet into your knee-high slippers and push yourself off the bed with both hands. After steading yourself on your feet, you walk towards the window to assess the situation outside. Not wanting to blind yourself from the light you take your time – much like the rose ceremony of The Bachelor - opening the shutters to reveal the magical winter wonderland before you. Despite your best efforts, you are momentarily blinded by the sheer light of the sun, sky, and stark white snow. You squint your eyes, letting them adjust slowly to the fairytale setting in front of you. When you finally adjust you see white everywhere. The road in front of your house is completely covered, with not a single tire track. Every front lawn within your visual range is masked with a shiny white glow. And most importantly, every branch on the large tree that spans your entire front lawn is covered in a thin layer of magical snow dust. It’s a little winter miracle, and it’s all for you.

So go wrap that warm blanket around your shoulders, throw on those warm slippers and enjoy a few precious moments by the window, taking in that post-snowfall morning glow.


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