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#105 Last Bite of the Ice Cream Cone

LAST BITE OF THE ICE CREAM CONE – You’ve surrendered to going for ice cream. Of course it’s not good for you. But isn’t it good for your soul? You’ve got young kids, so of course it’s totally legit for you to take them. And once you walk through that magical sweet door, it’s all over for you. You are going down in flames. So you may as well not fight it, and just enjoy that sweet, refreshing treat. You could, however, get the ice cream in a container instead of the cone, but what kind of animal does that?! You go big or you go home! So while you peruse the flavours in the store, you already know what you’re going to get. You order one scoop of ‘World Class Chocolate’ ice cream in a sugar cone (Come on, was there really any other choice?), and grab some napkins before sitting down with the family (or sometimes alone, which I’ve been known to do) to enjoy your chocolatey treat. Like your five-year-old daughter beside you, it’s just too much excitement and joy to contain. You’re licking and bobbing up and down at the same time, while your cold, creamy snack fills your body, mind and soul with pure pleasure. You try to pace yourself, but you just can’t lick that ice cream fast enough. Not five minutes later your cream glacee adventure is coming to an end. You’re biting the cone while alternating with licks of the ice cream. But then, as you make your way down to the very bottom of the cone, there is nothing more to lick, no more bites to be taken. With the last remaining piece of heaven in your hand, you pop it in your mouth and bite down to experience an explosion of cold, sweet ice cream erupting from the cone, sending you to happy heights you’ve never reached before.

The last bite of the ice cream cone – GAME CHANGER.


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