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11- Greek salad and chicken souvlaki at Laterna Restaurant

Laturna is one of Toronto’s best kept secrets. It’s family-style feel with approximately ten tables, covered in that red and white checkered tablecloth makes you feel immediately at ease. As you look around the familiar room, you will see families who have come here for twenty-five years every Sunday night. I, myself, am approaching twenty-four years. It’s that good!

Let’s start with the Greek salad. I don’t know exactly what makes it so amazing. If I did, I would make it at home myself. It could be the light salad dressing, the fresh crisp lettuce, or the light amount of feta, which can often make a salad feel quite heavy, and you, quite gassy. Don’t be bashful – everyone farts, including you. Whatever their secret, it’s the best I’ve ever had in my life. Nothing else compares. Now, for the chicken souvlaki. Not only do they bake their own pita bread to perfection, but that perfect pita holds the chicken, onions, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce in such a way that you want to marry it and make little souvlaki babies with it. It’s warm, has a slight crunch, but is also equally soft, with just the right amount of flavours. Plain and simple, it’s like crack. Just don’t plan on making out with anyone afterwards; unless of course your partner is eating it too. In which case, all bets of are off.


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