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#113 Snow Angels and Building a Snowman

And here you thought those activities were just for kids. Well, forget it! So get out there (dressed warmly of course), get your beautiful bottom in the snow, lay back, and make the best snow angel there ever was. Then slowly, without wrecking your fabulous creation, get up to admire your artwork. I dare you not to smile. Then go build a snowman. Just don’t forget the essential add-ons including buttons for the eyes, a carrot for the nose and more buttons for the smile, because our snowman is happy to be with us. And if you’re really feeling the spirit, throw on a scarf and top hat. Then stand back and enjoy your mastery because he’s there to greet you every time you leave the house and welcome you home after a hard day at school or at the office. SNOW ANGELS AND BUILDING A SNOWMAN CHANGE EVERYTHING!


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