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#115 Shower Wow!

The shower is one of my favourite places to be; top two in fact. Number one would be my bed for obvious reasons that include sleeping, reading, eating ice cream or popcorn (or Chinese food on very special occasions), watching old episodes of Friends, The O.C., or Ally McBeal (It still doesn’t get old - especially when Robert Downey Jr plays Ally’s love interest for an entire season), snuggling with my handsome husband, and doing other fun stuff with my husband that we don’t talk about here. The bed is my number one place to be.

The shower is a close second and here’s why. For starters, the shower is warm or hot depending on your preference. I like to get in somewhere between warm and hot so that when I take that first step inside, my entire body immediately heats up and every muscle becomes relaxed as I let out a massive sigh, releasing all the tension from the last twenty-four hours. It’s like taking that first step into warm sand that fills your body with heat from toe to head. It’s a little moment of heaven.

However, before you take that first step, you must remember to bring in your favourite music. Whether it’s J.Lo who clearly, ‘ain’t your mama’, Stevie Wonder who declares ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours’, or Justin Timberlake who ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’, choose your favourite tunes to dance or sing to. Just be careful when you’re dancing that you don’t slip and crack your head open. You are dealing with a wet floor situation. If you’re choosing to sing along, sing it loud and proud my friends. For many of us, myself included, this is the one time when you get to belt it out like a rock star; and sound like one too. Something about the acoustics in the bathroom make you sound incredible. So rock it out while you lather up those soapy suds because showering is awesome; unless you’re a kid, in which case, showering totally sucks.

Then one day, out of nowhere and without warning, your husband comes home with a new product called ‘SHOWER WOW!’ It’s a new shower head that is filled with a variety of coloured lights including red, blue, yellow, green and pink, that when turned on, turn your shower into a nightclub. Sheer joy! The music is booming, the lights are blaring, and you’re rocking it out. The shower just became the best place to be because SHOWER WOW CHANGED EVERYTHING!


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