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#116 Panini Presser

Panini Pressers make everything better. And I mean everything. Sandwiches are okay. But once you put that souvlaki wrap filled with tomatoes, chicken, onions, and tziziki sauce on the presser, everything changes. What once was a cold wrap is now pressed together and perfectly toasted with light brown lines from the grill on the outside and warm on the inside. Not sure what to do with that leftover taco meat and chopped tomatoes from taco night? No problem. Lay out a soft taco shell and fill that sucker with the meat, shredded cheese, sautéed peppers, avocado and tomatoes before rolling it up and throwing it into the panini presser for a few minutes. Leave the salsa on the side for dipping because you don’t want your perfectly pressed panini to get soggy. On second thought, maybe leave out the tomatoes too; just in case. Watch that grill because you don’t want your delicious meal to burn. When it’s ready, be careful not to burn your fingers when taking it out of the presser. Put it on your plate, cut it in half, and enjoy every single bite. You deserve it. So save up and get excited to make lunch at home because the panini presser CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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