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#127 Tuscany

Some places are incredibly romantic to travel to with a romantic partner. But if you’re not willing settle for the wrong person and you’d like to see the world, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t go by yourself. This is why I booked a trip for two weeks to Ireland, Scotland and Tuscany. I wasn’t going to let a man who didn’t even exist to get in my way of a beautiful adventure. I worked with a travel agent who found me a weeks-length trip to Ireland and Scotland, where I would get to see all the sites, drink the beer, walk the castles and enjoy the cloudy-wet climate before getting on a flight to Italy. Instead of travelling around on a bus with a bunch of hungover twenty somethings, I rented a villa in Tuscany for a full week. I was ready for my ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ experience. I would read in my villa after waking up from a good nights rest. Afterwards I would wander into the dining room for breakfast before meeting my very own tour guide who would take me on day trips through the rolling mountains and magical villages. It truly felt like being in a movie. I ate fresh pasta every day and enjoyed cold, delicious chocolate gelato every afternoon. I mean, could life get any better? I didn’t have a Tuscan romance with my tour guide (lovely as he was). But I also didn’t wait for a man to take me on a romantic holiday. I took myself. I pampered myself with love, affection, Italian ice cream, guilt-free pasta, literature, and the most the beautiful scenery. And THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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