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#128 Shopping Spree

Sometimes you just need to drop it like it’s hot. I like fashion, and have always had a hard time finding what I love in Toronto. Once I hit my thirties, my options were limited to plain, vanilla-like suits or, if I wanted to be a little more funky, buying something from a twenties-something store, which looked like I was trying too hard to look like I had travelled back in time but couldn’t afford Botox. I couldn’t find any store that achieved the look I was after - professional and classy, with a little bit of edge and femininity. I debated starting my own clothing line that would be a cross-breed of Nicole Richie, Kate Hudson and Sienna Miller. But I thought it might be easier to just head to New York once a year. Once you break the seal on shopping, it can get out of control. So by implementing a rule that I was not allowed to shop in Toronto, and that I was only allowed to shop in New York once a year (on sale items only - though that proved to be tricky), it kept me somewhat in line and allowed me to get the pieces I was after.

Then one day when I was walking along the streets of Nolita and found myself in Cynthia Vincent, I believed that all my prayers had been answered. It was as if the designer took my list of desires, and created the perfect line just for me. It’s a small boutique store, so not overwhelming, and all the colours are deep shades of red, green, blues and burgundy’s that don’t wash you out, making you look like you suffer from jaundice. I found the perfect red blazer that is thin and rocker-like enough that I can wear it to work and for a night out on the town. I found the perfect summer dress that still worked for years that followed. And I even found an incredible pair of heels that aren’t too chunky but also aren’t thin enough that they’re painful to wear after a few minutes.

The woman is a genius, and you want to buy one of everything in her store. But you can’t because you’re not Kim Kardashian. So you calculate what you’re allowed to spend on your trip, and choose your favourite pieces before you drop it like it’s hot. You walk out happier than a kid at Disneyland because the right shopping spree CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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