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#131 Concert at Red Rocks Ampitheatre

If you ever have the chance to see a concert at Red Rock Amphitheatre, DO IT! A few years ago I went with my husband to see one of my best friends in Denver, Colorado, and luckily enough, our favourite musician, Brandi Carlile was playing just outside the city at Red Rocks. We had already seen her numerous times in Chicago, New York and Toronto. But I had heard incredible things about Red Rocks Amphitheatre. And my girlfriend lived twenty minutes away. It was a no brainer. But no one had fully prepared me for the venue, which was completely encapsulated by huge red mountains that not only looked magnificent, but also created an incredible acoustic effect. I would alternate between watching the performance and turning around to see the red mountains surrounding me. It was beyond anything I could have imagined. So if you ever have an opportunity to go, I promise you, this will CHANGE EVERYTHING!


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