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#135 Laughing so hard your stomach hurts

Sometimes you’re with someone who makes you laugh. One particular day, you’re feeling a little silly. He shakes his butt in front of you naked, like a hula dancer, and you’re done for. He’s letting it all hang out, swinging his butt back and forth so fast, it’s become a blur. You try to contain yourself, but you don’t stand a chance. You break out into a full case of the giggles, and can’t stop. Once he starts laughing, it triggers you to laugh harder. And after a couple of minutes your sides are beginning to hurt. You desperately try to stop but he keeps shakin’ his money maker while singing, Sir Mix-a-lots ‘I like big butts.’ Your stomach hurts but you don’t want it to stop because it’s hilarious. That kind of laughter doesn’t happen very often. So when it does, enjoy every minute and every pain in your side because laughing so hard you’re stomach hurts CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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