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#136 When someone falls over in an old-school desk

Remember the days when you had to slide into the chair that was attached to the desk? I don’t know if they use those anymore, considering I haven’t been in school in over twenty years. But when I did, and someone accidentally dropped a pencil that was just slightly out of reach, that’s when the best part of my day happened. If you’re sitting behind one of these unfortunate victims, you’ve got a front row seat to the funniest comedy show in town. You watch them lean over to retrieve the pencil and wait for them to recognize that it’s way out of bounds to grab with their feet or hand. You know full-well where this is going. But you watch as he or she tries to come up with the next move. He takes another pencil and leans over a second time to attempt to reel it in. No dice. Obviously.

Round three. Here we go. He leans over one last time and pushes with his feet to lift the desk and chair just slightly enough to help him go the distance. He goes the distance alright. And then some. Your ten-year-old classmate pushes too far and you watch as the entire desk and chair goes over; with him still in it. That’s when you burst into giggles. It’s not nice to laugh when someone falls over. But how can you not? Besides which, he didn’t fall very far, and he’s not hurt. So go ahead and let the giggles out, because when someone falls over in one of the old-school desks, well, THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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