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#138 Laughing in bed with your partner when trying to be sexy

At the beginning of a relationship, it’s all romance and ‘The Notebook’ sex. Hormones are on high and you want your person all the time. This is the phase when you walk through the door and have sex. And then when you’re done, you do it again. It’s miraculous if you ask me. This is the part when you’re the best version of yourself, which includes: waxing your legs on a regular basis, showering daily, and falling asleep with your makeup on so that he doesn’t wake up in horror and jump off your balcony in fear. You’re in love. And no one has farted yet.

But then one day, he can’t hold it any longer because it’s causing too much pain, and he lets it slip in bed. You both burst out laughing. The seal has been broken. You are no longer two characters in a Harlequin romance novel or a Nicholas Sparks movie. You are two normal people who have gas, and are not sexy all the time.

In fact, sometimes it’s not sexy at all. It can get awkward while fumbling around, trying to figure out just what’s what. Sometimes you accidentally put a knee somewhere, and your partner gets injured, temporarily out of commission. And when this happens, you both burst out laughing because the sexy throes of passion bubble has been burst, and you realize that laughing together in this moment may be even more intimate than sex. And THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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