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#139 Macaroni and cheese on a camping trip

Despite the fact that it’s summer time and you don’t have to wake up for school, the trippers are your morning wakeup call around 7:00am. It’s time to roll up your sleeping bag (with all your clothes and toiletries inside), pack up the tent and collect some firewood to make oatmeal for breakfast, before setting out for the day on the lake. It’s going to be a full day of paddling for about eight hours before you reach your next campsite, and you're ready to sing your favourite tunes along the way. But you’ll also be stopped from your journey on the water because there is land in your way. You’ll need to unpack the canoe that holds your sleeping bags, tents, and a large (heavy as hell) wooden box that carries your food for the next five days. Oh, and you’ve got life jackets and paddles for each of the twelve members of your crew. There is no chance you’ll be able to carry a canoe on your back, so you carefully ask one of the trippers to help you put on the backpack, which, in reality, weighs the same if not more than you. But you’re a fighter, and you’ve already discovered that trying to carry twelve paddles for three kilometres without dropping one every two minutes is more than your sanity can handle. So you lean over like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and make your way across the land until you see a glimpse of water, and rejoice that you weren’t eaten alive by the mosquitoes. You’re famished by this point, so you stop for lunch and eat turkey and cheese sandwiches (with chips inside. Is there any other kind of sandwich?) before loading up the canoes once more for another four hours of paddling. You stop along the way to jump off some cliffs and swim. But by the time you arrive at the camp site, you’re so hungry you could eat your fellow camper. However, you refrain because there’s macaroni being cooked on the open fire; glorious, cheesy, hot macaroni with extra shredded cheddar just because. There are a few flakes of ash that find their way into your dinner and something that crunches in a way that macaroni shouldn’t. But you don’t care because macaroni on the fire on a canoe trip CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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