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#143 Going for a walk in the fall when the leaves have changed colour

When you live in Toronto, Canada, you have four distinct seasons every year. Sometimes it may not seem that way. Sometimes it seems like it’s winter six months of every year. But if you look closely and pay attention, you’ll see winter, spring, summer and fall. Each season has its advantages. But when summer comes to an end and the evenings start to get cooler, requiring you to wear a light jean jacket or sweatshirt, you think it’s all downhill from there. Winter is right around the corner. Guess what? It’s not. The month of October is just about the most beautiful month of the year. Sometime within those first two weeks, the leaves on the trees begin to change, and suddenly you are looking at what appears to be a rainbow of trees everywhere you look. The leaves have turned bright red, orange and yellow, and thankfully, you’re walking in the park so your eyes are free to roam safely. It’s when you’re driving through your neighbourhood looking at the glorious colours that accidents start to happen. So go find yourself a park in October, park your car, and spend a couple hours taking in the lush colours of the trees; because walking through a real live rainbow CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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