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#144 Letting your parents hold you as an adult

Going over to your parents’ house at forty years old and crawling in bed with your mom to snuggle like you use to do as a kid. When you’re a kid, it’s all about the cuddles and snuggles. It’s the best. To be held tight by your parents is one of the best feelings out there. But when you grow older, it’s not so cool to be hugged by your parents; at least not in public. Hormones kick in as a teen, and you want very little to do with your parents, especially hugging them. You then graduate into adulthood where your hugs are then reserved for your boyfriends, girlfriends, and eventually, partners and your own children. I’m not entirely sure I understand why this happens, though I do remember feeling the hormones kick in as a teen and being repelled by my parents. Sorry about that. However, being held by your parents is one of those beautiful moments filled with love, safety, security and compassion. So drive over to your parents, curl up beside them and wrap your adult arms around them because being held by your parents CHANGES EVERYTHING!

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