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#147 Thigh High Socks

Getting thigh high socks from your husband right when the temperature drops below zero. You hate tights. It’s cold outside. There’s no doubt about it. But you live in Canada. So cold days are your fate; unless you move to California, which is not such a bad idea. But while you’re living here, you cannot avoid the chilly temperatures. You layer as best you can. But putting on tights underneath your clothes is just so darn uncomfortable. Sure, it keeps your legs slightly warmer; though whether it’s the tights or the thick layer of hair you’ve allowed to grow over the wintry months, no one can tell. But that elastic around your waste feels a little bit like cruel and unusual punishment. It digs into your belly, creating discomfort, bloating, and even when you pull on the elastic to give yourself a bit more breathing room, it angrily snaps right back into its rightful position. Bastard. So when you have thigh high socks that still allow your belly to rest peacefully over the top of your jeans, like a proper muffin top should, THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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