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#149 When your partner moves to the couch

When your partner can't sleep. But instead of tossing and turning all night, either waking you up or keeping you up, he quietly moves downstairs to the couch so you can get a restful sleep. A poor nights rest can lead to a whole slew of negative consequences including but not limited to: severe irritability and outright bitchiness to anyone who comes across your path, lack of focus at work which effectively means that you sit on Facebook all day and write scathing comments to those who hurt you as a child, adolescent and twenty-something, poor decisions with food, which usually involve bacon (though I’d argue bacon is always a good decision), McDonalds, five dishes of Chinese food to yourself, followed by a pint of ice cream, and finally, another poor night’s sleep due to the mass quantities of crap that you just put into your body. So when your husband moves to the couch, giving you a peaceful nights rest, THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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