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#150 Fully Loaded English Breakfast

Sometimes you just want to go to Ireland. But funds are low, so a trip is out of the question. However, just around the corner is an Irish pub that makes you feel like you just got off the flight and are ready for your first pint. You feel a sense of warmth the minute you walk in, and quickly scour through the menu before feasting your eyes on the full Irish breakfast which includes: Two eggs, toast, baked beans, sausage, bacon, and hash browns/tater tots. You’d better be hungry because you’ve got more than enough on your plate to feed a family of four. But you’re no lightweight. You settle in, unbutton your pants before the party even starts, and pick up your fork. You may need to take breaks to catch your breath. But twenty minutes later your plate is licked clean, and the waitress applauds your efforts, and strategy. She’s never seen someone leave the yoke of the sunny-side-up eggs to the end of the meal before using it like a dipping sauce for the toast. You are full, satisfied and happy. And THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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