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#151 Sending your kids back to school after winter break (or any break)

To say you are ‘full’ is an understatement. You’ve just had the kids for an entire week (at least), and you’re about to lose your mind, if you haven’t already. If you haven’t fallen, you are probably some magic pixie fairy sprout from Netherland. But I am not one of those. I am one who, at some point, gives her husband a look that says, ‘I’m out. And if you don’t pick up this baton, I’m going to take you down hard, never to sleep in our matrimonial bed again.’ He’s seen this look before and knows it well like an old companion. So he doesn’t flinch before quickly instructing the kids to get on their shoes and coats to hit the streets. By this point, you’ve played every board game in the house (three times), played basketball and hockey in the basement, seen every new animated film in the theatres (costing you nearly a hundred bucks each time), scheduled play dates, turned the children into tiny minions who now fold the laundry and wash the dishes (we’ll put this on the plus column), and watched them play on their nerf bikes up and down the road, while you breathlessly try to keep up without having a heart attack. So when Monday morning finally arrives, and it’s time to go back to school, THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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