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#152 When your husband surprises you with a clean house

When you come home late one night around 11:00pm, after a full week of March break madness, and walk in to find that Mary Poppins has mysteriously taken over your home. Your husband was left with the kids to shower and put them to bed, which is exactly what he does. But you also expect to see a family room full of toys all over the floor, pillows and blankets thrown aimlessly around the room, plates and cups still on the table from evening snack, and dishes piled up in the sink. On top of this, you still have lunches to make for the next day. However, on this particular evening, this is not the scene that unfolds before you. As you walk beyond the front entrance after hanging your coat and enter the main room, which consists of the kitchen, living room and dining room, something has seriously gone awry. There is not a single toy on the floor, the pillows and blankets have been folded, fluffed, and neatly placed back in their rightful position, the dining room table is completely clear of dishes, as is the sink, and there are three lunches already made, packed and ready in the fridge. So while you thought you had another half hour of cleaning up to do before bed, your magical husband has done it all for you, which means that all you need to do is brush your teeth and get into pyjamas before crawling in bed. And THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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