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#153 When security tells you you're at the wrong airport and you'll never make it

Standing in line at security at the airport about to put your carry-on on the conveyor belt when the guard gives your husband, who is ahead of you in line, a funny look. You hear your husband say “Oh no”. And you're fairly certain he's going to tell you you're at the wrong airport, despite the fact that this has never happened before. You find out you're right, turn around to back out of the line and figure out your next move. No chance you're making it in time to the other airport across town. You yell, “Plot twist”, walk out, and drive home to get ready for a five-hour road trip the next day. No stress because there's nothing to be done. You laugh at the sheer dumbass move, which will never ever happen again. You and your husband then crawl in bed to watch ‘Fast times at Ridgemont High’. You’re reminded, once again, that you've got the best partner in all the land. And THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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