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#158 Getting your hair coloured

I’ve been highlighting my ash-blond hair for over twenty years. I mean, who volunteers to have ash-blond hair? So my hairdresser found my lighter pieces, replicated the colour, and spread them around my head so that I don’t look forty years older. Three times a year, I walk into the salon to brighten up even your darkest nights. Sorry, I just went James Taylor on you for a minute. As I ease my way into the soft leather chair, I immediately start to relax. The entire process takes about two and a half hours. So you’d better get comfortable. However, the best part is when the colourist pulls little pieces of your hair into the tinfoil and you begin to feel your eyelids becoming heavy. You let them close willingly. You're conscious but your eyes are fast asleep, resting peacefully while someone plays with your hair. How often does someone play with your hair while you get to rest and relax without any distractions? Yes, Getting your hair coloured CHANGES EVERYTHING!

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