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#162 Conquering your fears

Over the winter break, the kids are off school for two weeks. This means that planning of activities is required so that they don’t go stir crazy in the house, so that parents don’t go crazy in the house. You’ve taken them to every animated movie, skating, play dates, and now it’s time to take the road trip to Niagara Falls where there is an indoor waterpark in the hotel. Needless to say it’s filled with an assortment of bacteria and viruses from all the children who, most likely, pee in the pools and toss all boogers (though tough to say if the boogers are from the children or adults). The kids play in the ‘kiddie’ area, which is filled with mini waterslides and large buckets that periodically dump water all over the munchkins, which results in a breakout of laughter and squeals. However, after some time, they eventually get bored and want to go on the ‘big kid’ slides. This is when you suddenly stop breathing because the ‘big kid’ slides ain’t yo thang. Sure it’s probably a control thing. But you’re not thrilled about being tossed down a waterslide at warp speed where your body is being flung all over the place. Okay, it is a control thing, and you need to work it out. But is today really the day? Apparently it is because you want to demonstrate courage to your children, who don’t seem to be afraid one bit. Damn kids and their fearlessness! So you grab a tube and hike up to the top with your clan, and try to talk yourself down. ‘How bad can it be? The slides fit inside a building, so it can be that high. And they let six-year-olds on it. So quit being a baby and pull your sh*t together, woman!” Motivation speech complete, I reach the top slightly shaky but resolved that this is happening. Your insightful little eight-year-old sees the fear in your eyes, takes your hand and says, “It’s okay Jaime. It’s going to be fun. And I’ll be right behind you the whole way.” True story. My husband and I climb into the tube as I mutter the words, ‘Surrender, surrender, surrender’ before we see the green light flash and begin the ride. My amazing husband begins to sing the bobsled song from the movie, ‘Cool Runnings’ that goes something like this. “Enough people say they know they can’t believe, Jamaica we have a bobsled team,” and you not only start to relax, but you end up laughing your butt off the entire way down. Conquering your fear. When you get to the bottom, you jump up and say, “Who’s coming with me again?!” Conquering your fears CHANGE EVERYTHING!


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