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#17 Hammock Time

Laying in the hammock in the backyard while the kids are at school and hubby is at work. As a psychotherapist in private practice, I work from home a couple days a week. So sometimes in between clients I have an opportunity to enjoy twenty minutes in the hammock we bought at Home Depot. I put my phone on silent so that I’m not interrupted by the sounds of emails or text messages coming through. I scroll through my albums and find the ‘City of Angels’ soundtrack, a movie starring Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan. The entire soundtrack is great. But it’s the last four instrumental songs that I am looking for. Each song is a beautiful arrangement of sound, that when paired with the warmth of the sun, the gentle swing of the hammock and the sight of the leaves swaying to the music, puts you into a completely relaxed state. Need I say more?


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