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#171 When your partner is away

When your husband goes out of town for work and you've got the whole quiet house to yourself with no kids. It's peaceful and there’s nothing to do but anything you want. You work late into the night, simply because you can before crawling into bed to watch your own show without having to compromise or feel guilty for wanting to do your own thing. You fall peacefully asleep, despite a sudden noise that startled you because you thought someone was breaking in on the very night you're alone in the house. But you sort yourself out and fall back asleep. You wake up fully rested in the morning, during which you get up leisurely and walk around naked listening to Ed Sheeran while getting ready for work. It's the best morning ever and you suddenly realize just how much you enjoyed living on your own. You decide to dedicate more time to yourself, whether it’s going to the gym, up to the cottage, out for a walk or dinner with your girlfriends, because time carved out for self-care changes everything.


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