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#177 Getting through your first workout after an extended leave of absence

Getting through your first workout at the gym, after an extended leave of absence. You’ve gotten so use to being away that you’ve forgotten your security code to key in when you finally arrive on your first day back. You feel a bit of shame because you know it means you haven’t been there for far too long. But with a stroke of luck, and working memory, you finally remember, and the green light beeps, allowing you to enter the temple of doom. You find your favourite machine, turn on the cooking channel to keep you distracted, and set up your treadmill to thirty minutes for a light jog. You’re not sure you can make it past five. But you push through, with a little help from J.Lo, who’s singing her latest, ‘Ain’t Your Mama’. You make it to ten minutes because you’re looking at the time consistently, questioning your ability to make it through. You then cover the screen with your towel, carry on, and finally make it the full thirty minutes, which means that you’ve officially broken the seal on your hiatus, and are now back in the game. And THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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