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#180 When someone brings Fudgeeos to the party

When someone else brings Fudgeeos to the party. Some people are not chocolate people. There are chips kind of people. And that’s fine. We can never truly be friends. But I understand. For you chocolate lovers, my real people, a Fudgeeo is a real treat. You had it as a kid, and enjoyed every last bite of that chocolate, fudge-filled cookie; perhaps letting it melt in your mouth before swallowing what has turned into soft fudge. However, time has passed and you are no longer a kid with snacks to trade with others during recess. You’re an adult, and that means it’s time to grow up and fill your body with healthier choices; at least that’s what I think it means. You fill your kitchen with an assortment of fruits, vegetables (which mostly just sit there until they grow mold before being tossed out), and whole grains that demonstrate that you are a fully functioning adult member of society. But let’s be honest, deep inside (or perhaps not that deep), you are truly a six-year-old who wants to jump in puddles, play outside until its dark, and eat junk. So when you have a party and someone brings over a box of Fudgeeos, it’s time to break the adult seal, and let it rip! Twist of the top cookie if you please. Lick the fudge until you reach that bottom cookie layer. Or bite right in to get that perfect combination of cookie and fudge; whatever your little heart desires, because when someone brings Fudgeeos to the party, you get to take a break from adulthood and be a kid again. And THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!

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