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#181 Beach Hair

For years you’ve been telling people you’ve got wavy hair. I don’t mean curly. You’re not in denial. But it certainly ain’t straight either. It’s probably somewhere in between straight and wavy. You’ve tried rollers and gone to the hairdresser to recreate this magical hair you experienced so long ago. But all that happens is you walk out of the salon looking like you’re about to go to prom. Your hair is smooth, sleek and curled at the bottom - not at all like the hair you accomplished while at the beach. Beach hair is a totally different thing. After you had fun splashing about in the salt water with your family or friends, while secretly praying you don’t get stung by a jellyfish or attacked by a shark, you walk back to your beach towel on the sand and twist your hair of any excess water. No conditioner, no detaingler, no brushing. Just squeeze and lay down on the towel to enjoy your latest beach read. The salt water and sand will effectively take care of the rest. As you lay there with your summer read, your hair dries slowly by the sun, and somehow, by the time you get up again, your hair has been filled with loose waves and a grungy-like texture that has miraculously given you more volume than you’ve ever had before. You wonder why someone hasn’t bottled up the ocean water and sold it for fifty bucks a piece. But the truth is, there is no duplicating this entire process. You will simply have to book a vacation and find out for yourself how ocean hair CHANGES EVERYTHING!


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