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#182 Dry Shampoo

Okay, I admit, there is one product that has truly changed everything for me. It’s dry shampoo. As a greasy, dirty little kid, I never wanted to bathe. I mean, what kid does? I have to nearly chase my kids into the shower and bring in music for a dance party just to get them in. So I get it. As an adult, I love being in the shower. I could spend a solid half an hour in there, relaxing under the hot water while I sing out to my playlist. However, washing my hair is a different story all together. It takes time to lather up with shampoo, time to condition so it’s not a rats nest, time to brush afterwards, and time to dry if you’re willing to go the distance. Truth be told, by the time I’ve lathered, conditioned and brushed, I want nothing to do with a hair dryer. In fact, by the time I’ve finished lathering, I usually skip the conditioner and go right to the leave-in conditioner. Yep, I’m a lazy, and I’m okay with that. And yet, two days later, my hair is a greasy mess, and I’m back in that shower again. Then, a few years ago, one magical day, I was introduced to dry shampoo, which is effectively baby powder. The hair dresser sprayed it on my roots, tossed my hair around, and when I looked in the mirror, I had never been happier. My hair looked not only clean, but was fuller and wavier like it never had before. Just a couple of sprays and I was good for three days before I needed a wash. Now, you tell me if that doesn’t CHANGE EVERYTHING!


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